How Senator Katie Britt Inspires Me – Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, our NeW Ambassadors are sharing about the female historical figures who inspire them the most. Anna Young, President of NeW at Samford University, shares why she is inspired by Senator Katie Britt. 

Which female historical figure inspires you the most? 

Although she may not technically be a historical figure yet, Senator Katie Britt has emerged as an important figure in politics, and she is one of the women who inspires me the most. 

What time period did she exist in? What were the major world events going on at the time of her career? 

Currently, in the United States, there is much unrest at home and conflict abroad. Senator Britt was elected to her position in 2021, almost a year into the Biden Administration and only months after his Afghanistan withdrawal. She was outspoken on this issue, defending and honoring our men in uniform and their families. She has also defended the lives of the unborn, and she has stood with Israel. 

Why does she stand out to you? 

As a senator in her first term, she has been diligent and unafraid to stand her ground on important issues. She is also significant being the first female US Senator to represent my state of Alabama. 

How does this woman inspire you in your everyday life? 

Senator Katie Britt inspires me in my everyday life because she is driven and does not compromise her beliefs. As a pre-law student, her previous career in law inspires me as I continue in my studies and my career. I believe that Senator Britt is a great role model for all young conservative women. 



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