How Annie Oakley Inspires Me – Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, our NeW Ambassadors are sharing about the female historical figures who inspire them the most. Virginia King, Vice President of NeW at Texas State University, shares why she is inspired by Annie Oakley.

Which female historical figure inspires you the most? 

Annie Oakley inspires me the most.

What time period did she exist in? What were the major world events going on at the time of her career? 

Oakley lived from 1860-1926. The politics in America were very divided and the Civil war was taking place as she was growing up. 

Why does she stand out to you?

Oakley stands out to me because of her amazing sharpshooting and hunting skills, her dedication to providing for her family, and her sense of humor. She made the best of poor circumstances for those around her and herself. 

What struggles did this particular woman have to overcome?

Oakley overcame poverty, the death of her father, starvation, and abuse.  

What did she do to help further gender equality?

Oakley outshot a man, who she soon married. She astounded many with her amazing sharpshooting skills, showing that women could participate and excel in the sport. She set sharpshooting records as a young girl, and even in her later years as well.  

How does this woman inspire you in your everyday life?

Annie Oakley inspires me to be unapologetically fierce and to sharpen my shooting and hunting skills in order to protect and take care of my family. 




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