The Rolling Stone Hit Piece Proves Evie Magazine is Doing Something Right

Rolling Stone recently published an expose piece headlined, “This Women’s Mag Is Like a Gen Z ‘Cosmo’ for the Far Right”, painting a picture of Evie Magazine being a concerning and problematic website for promoting a more conservative worldview.   

The piece describes the magazine as “spreading their message in a semi-deceptive way” and criticizes the magazine for articles sharing a pro-life position and how transgender issues are covered  

Rolling Stone’s attack on the women’s magazine proves that Evie is doing something right, and they are a necessary force in our culture. In an industry filled with left-leaning outlets such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Refinery29, all pushing a left-leaning agenda, one of the few conservative women’s magazines is being attacked for “pushing an agenda.”  

While Rolling Stone criticizes Evie Magazine, it fails to provide the same critique of Vogue or Cosmopolitan in this article, despite these magazines having an outright liberal bias. If you look through their opinion sections, it’s nearly impossible to find an opinion that shares a conservative viewpoint. Cosmopolitan has an entire opinion section devoted to fighting for “reproductive rights” without showcasing a pro-life point of view.  

 The Rolling Stone piece ends with a statement claiming, “Evie seems to want to push their agenda on women.”  

This statement shows just how out of touch Rolling Stone magazine is with the thousands of conservative women across the country. It assumes that women cannot think critically for themselves and have an opinion that differs from the leftist mainstream consensus that magazines like Cosmopolitan and Vogue are sharing. 

It is insulting and inherently sexist to think that all women must think the same way just because of their gender. 

Cosmopolitan and Vogue should have the freedom to share their opinions, just as Evie Magazine should as well. If mainstream women’s magazines want to push a liberal agenda, why shouldn’t a conservative magazine create an outlet for conservative-leaning women to share their opinions? 

To attack Evie Magazine but not showcase the same criticism towards leftist magazines is intellectually dishonest of Rolling Stone magazine and just further indicates that Evie Magazine and other conservative outlets need to continue having the courage to speak out in the media and culture.  

 The Network of enlightened Women is proud of women writers and magazines who showcase conservative views and that not all women have to be liberal. 

Women can be liberal or conservative and are not confined to one ideology. The Rolling Stone article proves that this is not something that is widely accepted in our mainstream culture. Yet it also proves that Evie Magazine and other conservative groups are doing something right. By showcasing a wide variety of opinions that are not accepted by mainstream outlets, Evie Magazine has grown. It is a testament to the success one can find when you have courage in your convictions and share your beliefs unapologetically.   

Franchetta Groves is the NeW Communications Associate.



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