2017 College Gentleman Nominations

Steven James
Liberty University
Andrew Bailey
DePauw University
Levi Holt
Saddleback College
Noah Stewart
Grove City College
Johnathon Treon
George Washington University
Branden Yeates
Colorado Christian University
Antonio Russell
Liberty University
Mark Weaver
Grove City College
Benjamin Bercheck
Shawnee State University
Joshua Herrera
Western Carolina University
Ty Seymour
Southern Connecticut State University
Wesley Mason
Murray State University
Keith Maples
UNC Charlotte
Lee Jackson
The University of Maine
Joseph Maroney
Colorado Christian University
Aaron Andrews
Hillsdale College
Rick El-Rassy
University of Florida
Kameron Fletcher
Liberty University
Nicholas Bradshaw
Marymount Manhattan College
Tanner Hirschfeld
University of Virginia
Cody Fongemie
Coastal Carolina University
Anthony Gonzalez
Eastern Michigan University
Will Nardi
Liberty University
Tom Florczak
American University
Francis Delacruz
George Mason University
Taylor Ney
Florida State University
Brandon Falls
Western Carolina University
Collin Moyer
Penn State University
Michael DeSantis
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Nicholas Bique
Florida State University
Aaron Chalker
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Austin Lentsch
Harvard University
Ricardo Cruz
University of Louisville
Max Ortengren
Florida Gulf Coast University
Jason Ge
Harvard University
Kevin Egri
Boston University
Alexander Bukovich
Christopher Newport University
Garrett White
University of North Carolina - Charlotte
Sebastian Torres
Eastern Kentucky University
Charles Correll III
Washington and Lee University
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