Steven James

Steven is, without a doubt, the most gentle and kind-hearted person I’ve ever known. He is truly a gentlemen in every sense. Steven has been through more in his life than any person should have to endure, and yet every day he strives to put those he loves before himself. The way he cares for […]

Andrew Bailey

Drew Bailey is a junior at DePauw University, and is currently working towards a Bachelor’s degree with a major in Economics and minor in Religious Studies. He is already an entrepreneur at the age of 21, and has started a new business called Tiger Takeout. The need for this business arose from rising rates of […]

Levi Holt

Levi looks like a gentleman and buys me food.

Noah Stewart

He takes me fun places, smiles at me, and supports my career goals.

Johnathon Treon

As the winner of the competitive GW NeW competition, John exemplifies chivalry and serves as a model for gentlemen everywhere. He deserves the title because he lives the ideas of conservatism every day, and conducts himself in such a way that empowers women. For example, he interned for Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker before entering college […]

Antonio Russell

Antonio, or Tony, is one of the funniest people I have ever met and I know that everyone who has met him will say the same exact thing. He is a very amiable person and has such a loving heart. Tony is passionate about serving the Lord and shows it through his missions work and […]

Mark Weaver

Mark is my little brother and I’ve had the pleasure to watch him grow into the gentleman he is today. He treats women with respect and dignity and goes far out of his way for others.

Benjamin Bercheck

-Dedicated College Republican -Signed up over 50 new voters this election cycle -President of a Fraternity that has raised $1,000 for St. Jude Children’s Hospital

Joshua Herrera

He is the kindest and most polite gentleman I know and would of anything for anyone in need. He sets an amazing example for all those around him and volunteers with special needs in his free time.

Ty Seymour

Ty is a hardworking college Republican who has worked on countless political campaigns. Ty has always been a dedicated college Republican and worked to engage individuals from a variety of different backgrounds. Ty is also a kindhearted individual who is a dapper and overall a wonderful human. He is committed to helping others and truly […]