Drew Bailey is a junior at DePauw University, and is currently working towards a Bachelor’s degree with a major in Economics and minor in Religious Studies. He is already an entrepreneur at the age of 21, and has started a new business called Tiger Takeout. The need for this business arose from rising rates of DUIs on college campuses. To address this problem, Tiger Takeout now delivers food to students on DePauw’s campus Thursday-Sunday evenings. The hope is that this business will limit the desire for students to take to the roads in search of food while under the influence. Drew embodies a gentleman in more ways than looking out for the good of our campus. He has traveled abroad on service trips, always opens the door for others, and continues to exhibit manners that I didn’t know were still appreciated today. His drive to help those around him succeed is humbling, and he does things for those same people without any need for recognition. I think that Drew is the perfect embodiment of what NeW should deem Gentleman of the Year.