Steven is, without a doubt, the most gentle and kind-hearted person I’ve ever known. He is truly a gentlemen in every sense. Steven has been through more in his life than any person should have to endure, and yet every day he strives to put those he loves before himself. The way he cares for his family is inspiring. At a young age, he was forced to step up and be the head man in his home. His father was far from a gentleman and eventually became absent from his life. While many young men would follow in their father’s footsteps or allow this tragedy to define them, Steven used it to build his character and show him exactly the kind of man he did not want to be. He was always a constant support system for his mother and sister, and when his mother began dating the man who would eventually become his stepfather, he was fiercely protective to make sure that this new man would treat his family the way they deserved.

Steven is also a constant supporter of the people in his life that aren’t blood relatives, including his friends and girlfriend. These people confirm that Steven is the first one to cheer his friends on if they ever need encouragement or a shoulder to cry on. Steven is currently studying to be a family and child counselor at Liberty University.