Robin Weaver Empowers Young Conservative Women

By Emma Hurst, NeW Intern

In the epilogue of Robin Weaver’s newest novel, Exceptional Women And Their Stories, she offers three essential life lessons she herself has learned in the processing of interviewing and creating her book:

  • Be in the moment
  • Listen and appreciate the views of others– even when you disagree
  • Respect the power of perseverance
Emma Hurst and Robin Weaver

At the Network of enlightened Women‘s latest book brunch (Saturday, January 27), held in Washington, DC, Weaver translated that same message to a room full of aspiring, young, conservative women. Weaver read excerpts from her novel, which acted as a basis for her advice and life lessons. A few of her favorites from Amity Shlaes and Celia Sandys highlighted the personal life advice she offered to the women in attendance. Through the question and answer session, she offered guidance on how to achieve on a professional level.

Her positive message could not come at a more necessary time. Today’s society does not seem to have a place for the 24 young, aspiring, conservative women who sat and listened to Weaver share her experiences. Yet, Weaver stood at the front of the room as a shining example that, yes, conservative women are part of the feminist narrative. Weaver herself  exemplifies this. She holds bachelor’s degrees in political science and economics, as well as a Juris Doctor. Weaver chairs the Women’s National Republicans Club and through her dedication and hard work is an immensely empowered woman. To conservative women, she offers an inspirational and uplifting message of following your dreams and doing what you love. To the attendees she advised, “be true to yourself and have courage in your convictions. Especially this group of women because of how society tells young women how to be today.” Weaver offered irreplaceable advice to young conservative women as she described her goal of learning how the different women she interviewed were able to achieve what they did.

Weaver reinforced the necessity for positive resolution, reputation, and relationships. She explained that women, especially conservative women, crave more advice for professional women. While mentoring is an important factor in career growth, it is an important beacon for young conservative women. A mentor is proof that their dreams and opinions still empower them to be successful, despite being in the minority today. It is clear that women do not do as much today to actually empower ALL women as is claimed. Woman such as Weaver are essential figures for young people to recognize and look up to.

However, while highlighting the achievements and importance of strong empowered women, Weaver stressed the importance of not leaving good men, gentlemen, out of the equation. She stressed that they are just as empowering, some even more so, than women. To leave them out of society today would be a great injustice.

As parting words, Weaver stressed that the women in the room enjoy the journey. They are all embarking on paths and careers that they are passionate about. It is through adversity that women grow and succeed. Her positive message resonated strongly with the women in attendance and is an imperative life lesson for all.

Karin Agness
Winter Brunch CUA
Winter Brunch CUA with Weaver



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