Meet our Leadership Brunch Speaker, Lou Ann Sabatier!

Register today for our Spring Leadership Brunch! Join us at City Tap House in Washington, DC on April 14 for a discussion and brunch, with Lou Ann Sabatier, Director of Communications for 21Wilberforce. Her talk is titled: When Faith is All You Have: Women and Persecution.

In her role as Director of Communications for 21Wilberforce, Lou Ann Sabatier manages branding and messaging for the organization. She oversees strategic development of three websites, multiple newsletters, social media, collateral material, press, and the annual International Religious Freedom Congressional Scorecard.

Prior to working with 21Wilberforce, Lou Ann spent 40 years working in media and communications. For fifteen years, she led publishing operations in the fields of politics and international economics. In addition, for ten years early in her career she served as a literary agent, packaging and selling non-fiction works on politics, economics, and cultural criticism.

Check out our interview with Lou Ann to get a sneak peak of the upcoming brunch:

What advice do you have for young conservative women today?

  1. Find support and encouragement by gathering with other conservative women. There is so much to be learned in “community.”
  2. At the same time, don’t be afraid or shy away from those who don’t agree with you. Life was not meant to be lived in a bubble.
  3. Read. Be informed. It is important to know why you believe what you do and why others don’t believe as you do.
  4. Take the high road. Strong values must win over emotional hurt or anger.

What value do you think groups like NeW add to the public discourse?

“NeW is a ‘community’ for young conservative women. NeW provides education, resources, tools, and mentoring that supports this movement of politically minded young women.”

After all the many positions you have held, what made you decide to work with 21Wilberforce at this point in your career?

“Interesting question. I did not see it coming, but that’s what walking by faith is. At the time, I had no idea why I was being led to work with 21Wilberforce, but three years in I have an inkling.”

What is the best lesson you learned early on in your career?

“Face adversity with courage and curiosity. I really try to be intentional, yet most of my amazing opportunities were a result of how I responded to things not going as planned.”

Sabatier has spent the last 22 years heading a global consulting consortium with 19 consultants in the areas of branding, business development, market research, marketing, operations audits, and mergers and acquisitions. With more than 200 assignments completed, clients include a list as diverse as World Vision/Save the Children, the International Monetary Fund, the OECD, the Federal Reserve Bank, National Geographic, American Marketing Association, the U.S. Marine Corps, and the Chronicle of Higher Education. About one-quarter of her client experience has been with faith-based organizations or ministries. Sabatier served on the board of Magazine Training International (MTI) for five years and continues to provide training for MTI around the world.

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