Professional Spotlight: Mairead McArdle

October 21, 2019

Meet Mairead McArdle, one of the leaders of the NeW New York City Professional Network. Mairead graduated from Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, California in 2015. She is a breaking news reporter for National Review Online. She loves to travel for stories whenever the opportunity presents itself. For example, she traveled to Florida to interview survivors and family members of the victims for an analysis on the Parkland Shooting, which was a gut-wrenching experience. On a more joyful note, she travels to Washington, DC every year to interview everyone from moms to Members of Congress while covering the March for Life.

How has NeW impacted you as a professional woman?
I breathed a sigh of relief when a friend introduced me to NeW. At last I had found an environment where it felt safe to discuss being a professional woman as well as wanting to make time for family, including the family I hope to have someday. As conservative women with careers, we often find ourselves caught between two sides: pressure to embrace a traditional stay-at-home wife and mother role and pressure to advance our careers no matter what. The amazing women at NeW have helped me grapple with finding that balance.
What does it mean to be a conservative woman?
For me, being a conservative woman has meant promoting the dignity of having a family while still encouraging women to pursue a fulfilling career.
What professional advice would you give younger conservative women?
Young conservative women should be prepared to dodge black-and-white views of complicated issues, such as sexism. Both the left and the right are guilty of oversimplifying. Also, many professional fields are male-dominated, and it is crucial to learn how to make your voice heard gently but firmly in such an environment.
Interested in learning more or joining a NeW Professional Network? Email Amber Downer, Program Manager for the Network of enlightened Women.
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