Professional Network Spotlight: Marisa Brand

Meet Marisa Brand from the NeW DC Professional Network. Marisa graduated as a Political Science and Marketing double-major from Johns Hopkins University in December 2017. She is now a Deputy Press Secretary in the Office of the Governor of the State of Maryland. Her responsibilities include, managing social media accounts, developing graphics, creating content, drafting press release, and looking for new communications opportunities.

What is one piece of professional advise you would share with fellow conservative women?
Ask for what you want, be it more responsibility in your current role or coffee with someone you admire. The worst that can happen is they say “no”.
What is your favorite book?
My favorite book I read this year was “From the Corner of the Oval” by Beck Dorey-Stein. “The Hopefuls” and “Campaign Widows” are also great DC reads! Highly recommend all three. I read too much to have an overall favorite book.
If you could travel anywhere, where would that be?
I would love to go back to Europe. My next dream trip would be to explore France and Germany.
How has NeW helped you as a young professional? 
I’ve really enjoyed working with Karin and meeting like-minded women in DC. Making friends in a new city as an adult can be difficult and I appreciate the network NeW has created. 
Interested in learning more or joining a NeW Professional Network? Email Amber Downer, Program Manager for the Network of enlightened Women.



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