NeW DC Professional Network Dinner with Ashley Rooney

Join the NeW DC Professional Network for Dinner on January 31st with speaker Ashley Rooney!

Join the NeW DC Professional Network for a dinner featuring special guest speaker Ashley Rooney from the Charles Koch Institute. Ashley will talk about how to improve your impact with time management techniques. As you look ahead into this new year, learn new time management skills and sharpen your capabilities to be more effective personally and professionally.

Ashley Rooney works with the Charles Koch Institute on the Market-Based Management® team, where she helps people improve their decision making and problem solving skills by applying the principles that drive individual, social, and scientific progress. Prior to CKI, she worked with the Mercatus Center at George Mason University and Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Ashley graduated from Bucknell University with a degree in History and from The George Washington University with a masters in Political Management.

The dinner is on January 31, 2019 at City Tap House Penn Quarter (901 9th St. NW). Join for networking and drinks starting at 6:30pm, and Ashley will speak during dinner starting at 7:00pm. Connect with other conservative and libertarian women in the DC area and grow your network. The event is free to attend, but we ask that you RSVP here.

Get to know more about Ashley:

What advice to you have for young conservative women entering the workforce?

Be true to yourself and to your principles. Know the impact you want to have and the causes you want to affect. Then understand your strengths and continually develop those so you can develop yourself and learn to contribute in multiple ways.

What is the best lesson you learned early in your career?

View everything as an opportunity to learn and improve. If you mess up or could have done better, great. Have the humility and courage to admit that, and then seek feedback from others to help you improve. That can be a hard mindset to get into, but if you have an incessant desire to continually learn and improve, then recognizing your shortcomings actually becomes an exciting opportunity.

Why should effective time management be a priority in one’s career?

Time management helps you prioritize the opportunities that create the most value—it helps you maximize your impact and work on the things that matter. But at its core, time management is about self-awareness. Are you starting to zone out? Do you feel low on energy? Why is that? Is it because you need more fuel or is something bothering you? Time management is having the mindfulness to ask and answer those questions and then having the discipline to act accordingly. And that same mindfulness helps you in all aspects of life. So the discipline of time management isn’t just about getting more done and creating more value—which are great—but it’s about developing a habit that brings you more alertness and effectiveness in many areas of decision making.

To find out more, or if you have any questions, please contact the Professional Network Program Manager, Amber Downer at



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