Gay’s Resignation is Just the Beginning of Change Needed at Universities

The Network of enlightened Women, known as NeW, is an organization that works with conservative college women on campus. I founded it as I saw firsthand how isolated conservative young women were on campus when I was a student at the University of Virginia. That has changed today thanks to efforts like NeW, but there […]

2023 Conservative Woman’s Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers can be tricky—you want to fill them up with a few small gifts, but you also don’t want to break the bank. NeW is here to help! Here are five stocking stuffers the conservative girl in your life will love, all under $25 that she’ll be overjoyed to receive!  NeW Student Membership – […]

2023 Conservative Woman’s Gift Guide: Friend

Finding a friend with whom you can share both brunch and conservative values is one of the best parts of college, but your annual Christmas gift exchange can be more stressful than fun if you’re not sure what to get your bestie. NeW is here to help, though! We have an array of gifts for […]

2023 Conservative Woman’s Gift Guide: Daughter or Granddaughter

Christmas is upon us! And with that comes the age-old question: What am I going to get for everyone? Perhaps the hardest person to buy for is your daughter or granddaughter, whose highly specific taste melds with ever-changing trends in a way that is almost impossible for parents and grandparents to decipher. “What do you […]

The Best and Worst Moments of ‘Barbie’

Division and polarization have been a part of the human experience since the beginning of time. Infighting can occur even among those who have many of the same worldviews, such as church congregations or political parties. In 2023 it appears that the cause of recent division within the conservative movement is none other than…the Barbie […]

The Rolling Stone Hit Piece Proves Evie Magazine is Doing Something Right

Rolling Stone recently published an expose piece headlined, “This Women’s Mag Is Like a Gen Z ‘Cosmo’ for the Far Right”, painting a picture of Evie Magazine being a concerning and problematic website for promoting a more conservative worldview. The piece describes the magazine as “spreading their message in a semi-deceptive way” and criticizes the […]

Boycotting Target? Shop These Conservative Brands Instead

With companies like Target pushing leftist ideologies down the throats of consumers, it is hard to shop for everyday items without encountering progressive politics. It is even harder to find brands that both align with conservative values as well as fit within a college budget. Our team did the research and has rounded up a […]

Netflix Hits to Empower You During Social Distancing

We understand this time is a difficult for many of you as you are adjusting to living and working from home for hours on end. You are no longer able to visit the mall, go to the movie theater, or hang out with friends. And this tragically happened so quickly. You now may be spending your […]