How Amelia Earhart Inspires Me – Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, our NeW Ambassadors are sharing about the female historical figures who inspire them the most. Ashley Martin, President of NeW at The Catholic University of America, shares why she is inspired by Amelia Earhart. 

Which female historical figure inspires you the most?  

The female historical figure that inspires me the most is Amelia Earhart. 

What time period did she exist in? What were the major world events going on at the time of her career? 

Earhart existed in the early 20th century. Major events going on included World War I, where she became a nurse’s aide and helped wounded soldiers. She began flying shortly after that, but it was still the norm for women to be nurses or work in the home, so it was rare to see a woman aviator. 

Why does she stand out to you? 

Amelia Earhart stands out to me because she did not let others tell her that she couldn’t be an aviator or fly across the Atlantic Ocean. She had a dream that she was able to accomplish because she trusted her skills and knew she could do it.  

What struggles did this particular woman have to overcome? 

Earhart had to struggle with men telling her she couldn’t be an aviator because she was a woman or that she needed to dress differently to suit a woman’s style. She became an advocate for women to reject these social norms and to show when you give something your all, you can accomplish more than you know. 

How does this woman inspire you in your everyday life? 

Amelia Earhart inspires me because she had a dream that was outside the norm for women during her time but believed she could do it. Nowadays, some women want to do jobs that are physically better suited for men but want to prove they can do it. That is not what Amelia Earhart did. She had a realistic goal that she knew she could accomplish and a little initiative allowed her to be the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean in an airplane. It was an incredible goal and I hope to have that same trust in myself every time I try to accomplish one of my own goals. I am someone who values my femininity and although she was into more masculine hobbies and careers, she had an ambition to help other women live out their dreams as well. 



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