Alumna Spotlight: Kendall Wolfson

As we countdown to our 15th Anniversary, NeW is privileged to share the stories of some of our alumna. At NeW, we believe in supporting women in college, but also beyond as they head into the workplace. Learn where some of our alumna are today and how NeW impacted their college experience.

Meet Kendall Wolfson, an alumna from the University of Virginia.

I first encountered NeW as a graduate student and a decade later I love still being involved with this network of thoughtful, intelligent, and passionate women! In school I was thankful that NeW provided an intellectual home for me to discuss ideas and perspectives often dismissed or worse, excluded, in discourse in my program. I appreciate the excellent work NeW has done to bring intellectual diversity to increasingly homogeneous conversations on college campuses. At NeW we celebrate the exchange of ideas as we seek to create a society where each woman is equipped and at liberty to build her life as she sees fit, free from pressure to fit a prescribed narrative of what it means to be a strong woman. Happy Anniversary NeW!

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