Alumna Spotlight: Emily Hall

As we countdown to our 15th Anniversary, NeW is privileged to share the stories of some of our alumna. At NeW, we believe in supporting women in college, but also beyond as they head into the workplace. Learn where some of our alumna are today and how NeW impacted their college experience.

Meet Emily Hall, an alumna from Harvard University.

The minute I learned about NeW, I was sure I had to get involved. In the midst of my sophomore year at Harvard, I was feeling overwhelmed by the liberal campus climate. When I saw that Karin Lips would be visiting campus, and that she ran a group dedicated to conservative women on college campuses, I knew I had found my home. I immediately started learning from Karin about how I could start a chapter on my campus. 

Emily pictured with Karin Lips at the 2019 NeW National Conference.

That spring, I found other interested women and we started the long process of applying for school recognition of our chapter. We jumped through administrative hoops, recruited members, and most importantly, made friends. I no longer felt so alone on campus, and I felt empowered to make my voice heard.  So when Harvard implemented an egregious policy denigrating students’ freedom of association, I decided to write about it.

That writing experience launched a major change in the trajectory of my time in college. I became a frequent writer and commentator about campus issues, reporting on campus bias, reflecting on my own experiences as a conservative woman, and offering my unique perspective as an outspoken conservative college student. Today, I’ve been published in NeW’s book, She’s Conservative

Being open about my political leanings, especially as a woman, brought some pushback from fellow students. Feminist organizations on campus sometimes questioned NeW’s existence at Harvard, wondering what these women with the free speech ball were doing in the “women’s initiatives” section of the activities fair. But providing an alternative for the women who didn’t feel represented by those feminist organizations, and helping other women to do the same on their own campuses, has been so meaningful and rewarding. 

Emily pictured with Neomi Rao, 2018 NeW Empowered Woman of the Year, at the NeW National Conference.

Since graduating, I’ve remained involved with NeW through the professional network and advising my former chapter. But the most meaningful way that I feel I’m still involved is the dozens of relationships I’ve formed through NeW–mentors, mentees, and close friends. Learning from those who came before me, and sharing my own experience with those carrying on the campus chapters today, continually reminds me of the endurance and meaning of this organization. 

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