Senior Spotlight: Katelyn Rickert

Congratulations to our graduating seniors, and thank you for your work with NeW! We are pleased to spotlight some of our outstanding chapter leaders and members. 

Meet Katelyn Rickert, Treasurer of NeW at Georgetown University. 

What were some of your favorite events that you participated in with NeW? 

Our Riley Gaines at Georgetown event. Riley was such a great speaker to have on campus. She was kind and caring towards everyone in the room, despite the counterprotest and mean messages the university sponsored outside of the event building. 

What are your plans after graduation? 

I plan to work on Capitol Hill after graduation. 

What advice would you give to a conservative woman starting college? 

Don’t be afraid to be yourself! There are a lot more conservatives on campus than what it might seem like. When you speak up and show who you are, it will encourage others to do the same. 

How has NeW impacted you and prepared you for your next steps? 

NeW has allowed me to meet amazing and accomplished conservative women in DC, all of which serve as great role models for me to follow. 

Why is NeW important to you? 

NeW is important to me because it created a space on campus for us to meet as conservative women, connect, and enjoy each other’s company in a place that isn’t friendly to our beliefs. 

The Network of enlightened Women (NeW) provides premier opportunities for young conservative women like Katelyn. Learn how to bring a Chapter of NeW to your campus today! 



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