Senior Spotlight | Emma Hurst, NeW at The Catholic University of America



Name Emma Hurst

School The Catholic University of America

Position within NeW Intern/CUA Chapter VP

Hometown Tinton Falls, New Jersey

Plans after graduation?

Attending Duquesne University School of Law in Fall 2018

What is one thing you have gained from NeW?

I have gained an irreplaceable network of friends and colleagues that I will carry with me throughout my professional career. NeW has given me an abundance of opportunities and a new found confidence that I will always be grateful for.

How did NeW shape your college experience? 

NeW shaped my college experience by providing me a community of support in my last two semesters of undergrad. NeW enabled me to meet new people, set new goals, and provided a support system for myself and other young conservative women.

What is your favorite part of NeW? Your favorite memory?

My favorite part of NeW is the community that it creates. Therefore, my favorite memories are always from the quarterly brunches. I loved getting together with other members from around DC and getting to hear what they have been up to and what they are experiencing on their own campuses. Plus, we got to hear from great speakers. All while enjoying a wonderful meal with great company. It is experiences like NeW’s brunch that you do not get with other organizations.

What is one piece of advice you would give to other NeW members

I would tell other NeW members to unapologetically be yourself. Do not shy away from your values and opinions. Conservative women have a place in today’s society and in the modern feminist movement. Never be ashamed of your beliefs.



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