NeW at Oakland University Hosts Empowering Women’s Movie Night

NeW at Oakland University broke out the popcorn for a fun movie night on January 26, 2022.

The chapter members enjoyed popcorn, fruit snacks, beverages, cookies, and mini cupcakes during their empowering women’s movie night off-campus and watched the movie “Joy” on Netflix.  The movie was about a mother facing obstacles and inventing a new type of floor mop — and eventually going from not being able to pay her bills to being a successful businesswoman. The women loved this movie because it showed a realistic situation and that anything is possible through hard work.

The movie night was a hit!  There’s something special about coming together as ladies and watching a success story, like in the movie ‘Joy,’ of a woman facing unimaginable obstacles yet continuing to chase her dreams!” chapter president Erika Head said.

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