NeW at Mercer University Learns How to “Lead Like a Lady”

NeW at Mercer University hosted independent consultant and human resources expert Susan Charnaux for a discussion titled “Lead Like A Lady: College to Career” on March 25, 2021.

During the chapter’s first in-person event, Charnaux gave the nearly 30 attendees tips for staying true to themselves and discovering what they want to do professionally. The women were able to hear her story about transitioning from college to her career as well as details about her journey of starting her own business. She left the chapter with some important life lessons and stressed the importance of true friends.

“I really loved hearing about how Susan has stayed true to herself throughout her career. Finding a balance is difficult, but Susan’s tips were really helpful as I am looking at life after college!” Lila Fraser, President of NeW at Mercer University, said after the event.

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