Highlighting Men of Service

After just minutes of scrolling through social media or watching the evening news, it’s easy to forget that there are respectable, kind, and chivalrous men in the world around us. This is why NeW hosts the annual Gentlemen Showcase competition – a contest that highlights the men on our campuses and in our communities that can be categorized by many as “gentlemen”.

This year, The Gentlemen Showcase is pleased to be celebrating men who commit themselves to serving others. There are countless young men throughout the country who show their respect for others through service to their communities. It is important to acknowledge the exceptional men in our lives and to allow their service to be an example of kindness and respect for other men to follow.

The young men nominated for The Gentlemen Showcase stand by their values, fight for good in their communities, and advocate for positive change through service. Service can take form in many ways. For example, dedicating one’s life to protecting and serving their country on the front lines in the military. Men make up over half of the United States military, and almost 75% of men in the armed forces are under 30 years old.

Service can be described as any work that improves the lives of others, such as giving time to help others less fortunate, holding the door open for other, raising awareness for services in need of support, cleaning up after others in public places like the park or the beach, and many more. Previously, men have been nominated for “Gentleman of the Year” for giving up their seat on the bus or standing up for conservative women and intellectual diversity on campus. It is important for women to recognize these incredible men and to encourage more like them.

Do you know a man who is devoted to serving others? Recognize him by nominating him for the chance to be the 2020 Gentleman of the Year. Find out more about The Gentlemen Showcase today.



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