Friday Feminist Fail: Boy Moms Edition

I saw this headline on Twitter, “Why has Feminism Affected the Mother-son Bond? You’re a feminist. You’re pregnant. It’s a boy. What next?

Really, the answer is obvious. You celebrate the upcoming birth of your child and raise your child the best you can. As to feminism, you teach your child to respect men and women.

That this is a question demonstrates a problem with feminism today.

The reporter raises the issue of feminists frustrated that when they give their sons gender-neutral toys, the boys go for the trucks. But it gets more serious.

One woman complains that she pushed feminism too hard on her sons and that when she raises it now, she “hears their eyes internally rolling.” She said she now has “macho men.”

During the segment, the reporter acknowledges the anti-male attitude in modern feminism. Here is the core question:

It sounds like it’s tricky to bring up a son if you’re a feminist mother. You want to talk to your son about feminist values, but you don’t want him to switch off. And how do you navigate the conflict between wanting the best for your son and yet wanting to further the rights of women who still tend to have less privilege in most societies?

These shouldn’t be in conflict. You should want the best for both sons and daughters. The problem is that modern feminism has embraced this idea that for women to succeed, that has to come at the cost of men. Instead, modern feminism should be about opening opportunities to women.

The idea that raising sons and being an advocate of women’s rights is in conflict is this week’s feminist fail.



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