Chapter Spotlight: Clemson University

NeW caught up with the women from NeW at Clemson University. Learn about the great work these women are doing on campus from their e-board members.

Why is NeW important to your chapter?
NeW has provided a place on campus for conservative women to connect and build true, lasting, friendships with each other. It has allowed our members to develop into leaders in other areas on campus. NeW has provided resources that have helped our members to further both their personal and professional development, and to grow more connected with each other.

What kind of impact has your chapter had on campus?
While we are still a fairly new chapter, we strive to be a place on campus where conservative women can feel safe to be themselves, without fear of any kind of judgement. We intend to create genuine, authentic friendships that enable conservative women to support each other, not tear each other down. We also strive to be a place where these women can learn and grow together to prepare themselves for their future careers.

What has been your chapter’s favorite event to host and why?
Our favorite event has probably been our painting party. (Shout out to NeW at USF for the idea!) We had so much fun letting out our creative sides and talking about anything and everything going on in our lives, regardless of whether it had to do with politics.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a chapter on their campus?
Don’t hesitate to reach out to other chapters and NeW leaders! We have been able to build so many amazing relationships with other NeW leaders this way, especially at Leadership Retreat. NeW chapters are definitely not a competition, so chapter leaders are amazing about sharing advice and ideas so that every chapter succeeds.

Learn how you can get involved with the chapter on your campus or find out how you can bring NeW to your school. Contact us if you have any questions.



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