White House’s Giovanna Pence Speaks to NeW at Catholic University

On November 6, NeW at the Catholic University of America hosted Giovanna Coia Pence from the White House. Pence shared with the women and men in attendance about her journey from college to the White House, relying on her faith and working hard every step of the way.

The CUA Tower, the student publication on campus, wrote in a piece following the event, “[Giovanna] Coia’s warm personality mixed with her uplifting address served as a great combination for a group of students wanting to learn how to make themselves distinguished in a city that attracts thousands and thousands of prospective employees every year. It is reassuring to see Catholic University alumni are leaving a mark in our nation’s capital in a positive way.”

NeW at Catholic University Vice President, Elise LaFleur, shared after the event, “Having the opportunity to host an alumna on campus who also embodies the values of the NeW community was so special to experience for our chapter here at Catholic. We are thankful for alumni who give back and for awesome female leaders like Giovanna Pence who show us what it means to be an independent thinker and a bold conservative.”

Following her address on campus, Pence took the time to answer personal questions from the women. Before leaving, she invited the NeW at Catholic University executive board members to attend an exclusive event at the White House. Three of those women were able to attend later that week. It was their first time seeing the Presidential Departure.




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