10 Ways to Increase Your Influence to Build the Career of Your Dreams

Is there anything more powerful or captivating than a good story? One where the heroine is challenged and struggles to the breaking point, only to dig deep, find her resolve and some unexpected aspect of her story that helps her solve the puzzle, get the bad guy, win the election, save the child, acquire the […]

10 Financial Tips for Your Twenties

I can still remember the incredible sense of freedom of earning my first full-time paycheck. However, with that thrilling independence also came some financial anxiety. Life was expensive (and still is!), and despite my economics degree, figuring out how to responsibly spend and save with my own money felt overwhelming. What’s a Roth IRA? How […]

Building a Business Wardrobe: 10 Staple Pieces to Have in Your Closet

Finding the right outfit to put your best foot forward in the workplace can be a challenge. A woman in the workplace should be three things: put-together, professional, and confident. Whether you are a college student looking to get her dream internship or a young professional at the start of her career these are 10 […]

How to Make Friends After Graduation

College is one of the best times to make new friends and grow your social circle- from being a few rooms down from your classmates, to being able to choose from 100s of clubs to join, to working, to being surrounded by hundreds of people from 18-23, it’s hard to graduate college without having built […]

How to Network in the Workplace

Many people think about networking to get a job, but what do you do once you’ve got it? Spoiler alert: networking in the workplace is just as important as networking outside work! Done well, networking at work can be a boost to your career and a great way to build meaningful, professional relationships. Here are […]

The Best Work Bags for Every Occasion

It can be a struggle to find the perfect bag to carry to work each day. Something that is professional enough to fit in an office setting, large enough to fit all the essentials, comfortable enough to carry all day, and durable enough to last can feel overwhelming to find. Additionally, everyone has their preferences […]

How to Network on Campus by Ashlyn O’Neill

One of the biggest misconceptions in college is that you have to wait to go out into the world to start making connections. There are numerous opportunities on every college campus to create meaningful connections between students and potential employers. But with all the opportunities to network, it can be hard to discern what is […]

How to Network on Social Media by Erika Head

Social media can often get a bad rap for its addictive qualities or how it brings out nasty interactions because people feel they canhide behind their devices. However, if used well, social media can be a great tool and resource to help you network and build a community of great friends. Here are some tips […]

6 Tips for Preparing to Live on Your Own by Alice Seeley

Moving out is an important moment in one’s life. As someone who moved across the country for college, I can tell you it’s scary but exciting at the same time. Here are a few tips to help you prepare to live on your own.  Tip #1: Purge Your Closet to Lighten the Load  Moving is […]

How to Save Money During This Inflation Season by Haika Mrema

With inflation reaching 9.1% in June (the highest we have seen in 40 years), it can be difficult to keep up with the higher prices and added expenses. But not all hope is lost! Below are a few ways to conserve your money without having to eliminate the joys of life.  Use Public Transportation   As […]