How to Get Involved on Your College Campus as a Conservative Woman

College students who want to make the most of their college experience know that getting involved on campus can be a great way to make friends and gain valuable experience. At first, it may seem complicated when you are a freshman to start joining clubs and signing up for campus organizations – but once you […]

How Conservative Women Can Choose The Best College Campus

One of the best ways to better prepare yourself for college life is to research different types of colleges and your options. As conservative women, we want our beliefs to be heard and not threatened on campus. By adequately preparing for college, you set yourself up for success. In Karin Lips‘ new book, You’re Not […]

July Book Club Review by Loredana Lohan

During the month of July, Network of Enlightened Women’s book club read the novel Upstairs at the White House: My Life With the First Ladies written by J.B. West. The work dives deep into the intimacies of the White House as experienced by West in his role as the chief usher. Through his writing, West […]

She’s Conservative: Stories of Trials and Triumphs on America’s College Campuses

Emboldening young women across the country, She’s Conservative: Stories of Trials and Triumphs on America’s College Campuses, features the essays of 22 conservative women from 17 college and universities, sharing their stories of how they have overcome the challenges they faced on campus and why they are conservative. “[Conservative women] often go unseen because we do […]

8 Books To Read this Fall

Readers are Leaders! Below is a diverse list of books you should consider reading with your NeW Chapter this semester. 1. What is Conservatism? This anthology explores the basic principles of the conservative movement and features some of the leading conservative thinkers of the last century, such as Russell Kirk, Frank S. Meyer, William F. Buckley Jr., […]

Sex Matters: A Discussion with Mona Charen

Mona Charen joined us at National Conference to discuss the differences between men and women, and talk about her new book Sex Matters. Charen emphasized that men and women are different in a complimentary way, and both sexes are essential to the flourishing of society. Charen stated, “I consider myself a feminist in the sense […]

10 Summer Reads for Conservative Women

Taylor Roth, President of NeW at the University of Florida, recommends the following 10 books for conservative women.  Being a conservative woman can be difficult, especially when we are constantly subjected to the Left’s claims that we are brainwashed women who are unable to think for ourselves. As conservative women, we continue to feel isolated […]