How to Get Involved on Your College Campus as a Conservative Woman

College students who want to make the most of their college experience know that getting involved on campus can be a great way to make friends and gain valuable experience. At first, it may seem complicated when you are a freshman to start joining clubs and signing up for campus organizations – but once you get more familiar with the campus culture, it becomes an exciting and essential part of your campus life. Here are a few ways to get involved:

Join a Sorority on Campus   

Many women join sororities on their campuses because they stand for sisterhood and help young members build community, leadership, and team-building skills. By being a part of a sorority on campus, you will find friendship and be surrounded by like-minded women who support philanthropies and help grow your professional development. In short, sororities, when done well, empower women.   

Run for Student Government   

By running for student government, you can build exceptional leadership skills at the campus level, meaning that if elected, you can serve your community in a more universal way. Student government allows members to be more involved in student-related affairs such as campus events, academic procedures, and asset management. By being a member of the student government, you will be able to address issues on campus and gain professional skills.  

Join a NeW chapter on your Campus   

Joining clubs can be difficult when you don’t know what you are looking for. By joining a NeW chapter on your campus, you will increase the number of like-minded women you encounter and be part of a conservative community on your campus. NeW serves as a wonderful way to discuss policy and important issues and learn more about conservative ideas.   

Start a NeW Chapter  

Sometimes, there is no conservative outlet on campus, so you might have to start one yourself. Starting a club can be daunting, but once you start having events and gaining members, it can be an enriching experience. By starting a NeW chapter, you can grow your leadership skills, empower the women at your school, and bring intellectual diversity to campus.   

As a young conservative woman, many facets of campus life serve as a good outlet for your ideas and beliefs — such as joining a sorority, running for student government, being a part of a NeW chapter, or even starting a chapter on your campus. Karin Lips, president of NeW, gives tips like these and many more in her new book, You’re Not Alone: The Conservative Women’s Guide to College. I hope these tips encourage you as a conservative woman that there are ways for you to be involved on campus. 

This blog was written by Elaine Gunthorpe, NeW Spring 2024 Communications Intern.



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