How Conservative Women Can Choose The Best College Campus

One of the best ways to better prepare yourself for college life is to research different types of colleges and your options. As conservative women, we want our beliefs to be heard and not threatened on campus. By adequately preparing for college, you set yourself up for success. In Karin Lips‘ new book, You’re Not Alone: The Conservative Woman’s Guide to College, she gives practical advice for students looking for the right school to attend.  

In the first chapters of The Conservative Woman’s Guide to College, Lips discusses how to prepare for college and what tips she recommends during your search.   

Research academic offerings at schools   

If you already have career goals and know what you’d like to study, look up schools that cater explicitly to your needs. Many universities have tools to help future students find courses of study, majors, and possible classes. Actually, researching the school itself could adequately paint a picture of what you are getting into for the next four years.   

Look for a school that takes intellectual diversity seriously   

The campus culture of your school is paramount to your overall experience as a student. If the school does not respect diversity of thought, then it may not be in your best interest to consider applying there. Look at the school newspaper or student groups or clubs on campus—they should give you a better idea of the campus culture. Tools such as the Chicago Statement that measure the intellectual diversity on college campuses can also help in the decision-making process.   

Make Sure that Conservatives have a ‘safe space’ on campus   

As part of being conservative on college campuses, we all want to have a space where we are allowed to speak freely about ideas and concepts. Part of the college search process should include looking for Conservative ‘safe havens’ on campus where you know that people will respect your views and listen to your words. This can consist of looking for conservative student groups such as NeW or College Republicans.   

Research Financial Aid Options   

As part of the college search process, researching your respected college or university can significantly help the overall decision-making process. The hard truth is that getting an education costs money, and student loans can be costly and require a plan to pay the loans back. Financial aid is an excellent option for students who need help paying for their education. Starting this step early could save you thousands of dollars, you could be awarded scholarships, and even receive governmental assistance such as FAFSA. Contact your school’s financial aid office to see what you are eligible for because you might be surprised!   

Lips provides these tips in chapter 1 of You’re Not Alone: The Conservative Woman’s Guide to College, to aid conservative women applying to and researching colleges. Overall, The Conservative Woman’s Guide to College is a helpful tool and resource for young conservative women who are ready to go out into the world and find a place for conservative women on college campuses. 

This blog was written by Elaine Gunthorpe, NeW Spring 2024 Communications Intern. 



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