Women’s Organization Rejects Equal Pay Day

March 31, 2020

CONTACT: Kathryn Alford, Communications Manager
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March 31, 2020


WASHINGTON, DC — Today, liberal feminists across the country are promoting the message that women in America make approximately 20 percent less than men just because they are women. Liberal feminists have branded this day as Equal Pay Day—the day that symbolically marks how much longer women supposedly have to work in the next year to catch up to what men earned in the previous year. The Network of enlightened Women, known as NeW, supports the fair treatment and equal pay of women in the workplace without misusing statistics.

NeW is hosting “Equal Pay Day: Debunking the Narrative” on Facebook Live today at 10:00am EST. Karin Lips, President of NeW, and Romina Boccia, leading fiscal and economic expert at the Heritage Foundation, will discuss the wage gap. To watch the discussion, join us here.

“We all want equal pay for women. Women, regardless of their politics, should review the facts about equal pay and question the broader narrative. The statistic that the wage gap is based on does not compare two people in the same job, but overall earnings of women and men. It also does not compare two people making the same labor choices, such as hours worked or education,” said Karin Lips, President and Founder of NeW.

NeW supports the empowerment of women and believes women should have the freedom to make the workplace choices that work best for them without a singular focus on how much they bring home in their paycheck each month.

Lips is a nationally recognized expert on the gender wage gap. She has been published on this issue in ForbesThe HillU.S. World and News ReportWashington ExaminerReal Clear Education, and more.

NeW supports intellectual diversity on college campuses and provides educational discussions on important topics such as the gender wage gap through campus chapters at 30 universities across America.


NeW is the nation’s premier organization for conservative and independent-minded young women. NeW educates young women on conservative principles, cultivates a community in which to discuss and strengthen these ideas, and emboldens them to speak out on campus and in their communities.

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