Aaron Carpenter

I’ve known Aaron for just about a year, and we started dating about 5 months ago. I have never met a more respectful, well-mannered man. He not only displays chivalry to me as his girlfriend, but to every one he has the pleasure of meeting. He genuinely cares about and listens to everything one may […]

Kevin Egri

Kevin is a gentleman in every aspect of his life – in the more obvious things like opening doors for others and carrying my mom’s groceries, but also in less obvious ways, like his respect for life and his inquisitive love for learning. He is humble and kind, always willing to lend a helping hand, […]

Jason Ge

Jason is a true gentleman in his everyday commitment to respect. He is respectful and kind in all of his interactions with others, quick to help when help is needed, and dedicated to serving others – including through his nonprofit organization Catalyst for Success, which instills a love of science (one of his passions and […]

Daniel Ott

Daniel deserves the title of Gentleman of the Year because of his constant kindness, willingness to help, and commitment to conservative values. He is willing to engage in discussion and debate but is always respectful of people and their viewpoints. Overall, Daniel is a kind gentleman and also a great friend – just the type […]

Kent Haeffner

Kent is a principled conservative and committed gentleman who certainly deserves to be featured in the Gentlemen Showcase. He has consistently advocated for important issues during his time on campus and before, through his involvement in volunteering and in conservative political organizations. Beyond his advocacy and community work though, Kent is a gentleman in his […]

Cameron Khansarinia

When I think of a college gentleman, one of the first people to come to mind is Cameron. He behaves like a gentleman every day, both through his relations with other people and through his campus leadership–and I am certain at home in California as well. Cameron is kindhearted and funny but always respectful, and […]

Matthew Foldi

Matthew Foldi is a senior studying Political Science at the University of Chicago, where he is in his third year of serving as President of College Republicans. Matthew has also represented Chicago’s Fifth Ward as its Republican Ward Committeeman for the past two years. Last year, Matthew achieved national recognition for his work founding Students […]

Nicholas Galluzzo

Nick always goes above and beyond in every aspect of his life; from helping others without being asked, to volunteering to do jobs nobody wants, Nick is always willing to give his all for others. His ever expanding knowledge on things from legal cases to political philosophy are always shared with a willing audience, and […]

Erik Marcusson

Erik took care of his terminally ill father for the last two years of his life. He chose to put his life temporarily on hold and move back to his hometown in Charlotte, North Carolina to take personal care of his father rather than letting him stay in a long term care facility alone. But […]

Andrew Shepherd

Andrew Shepherd was a Resident Assistant for a summer honors program out west a few years ago. During the program, one of Andrew’s student suffered a violent facial injury due to a complicated accident. Andrew handled the situation with maturity, integrity, and calmness. He stopped the bleeding with his own shirt while the RA Team […]