I’ve known Aaron for just about a year, and we started dating about 5 months ago. I have never met a more respectful, well-mannered man. He not only displays chivalry to me as his girlfriend, but to every one he has the pleasure of meeting. He genuinely cares about and listens to everything one may say to him, shakes their hand, and is always full of joy. He treats his mother utmost respect and sends her flowers and reminds her how much he loves her regularly. The respect he has for his father is amazing this day in age. Even me, just as a girlfriend. I’ve never been with someone who always opens the door, will give me my coat when it’s cold outside, or even gotten flowers. He has always listened to the stories my papa tells, and my grandparents who are the biggest influence in my life, admire him. My whole family admires him, which is a beautiful thing that’s not common. Aaron makes me the happiest I have ever been. We pray for each other, pray with each other. He is the first man that I can go to church with, either his or mine. You don’t see genuine respect from young men often, but this man is living proof gentlemen are still out there! He definitely deserves to be nominated.