Service Spotlights: Honoring Gentleman of Service

This year, the 11th Annual Gentlemen Showcase is glad to recognize several men that reflect the qualities of service, respect, and kindness. Since The Gentlemen Showcase opened on January 4, 2021, over 80 men have been nominated. We wanted to spotlight a few nominees that have gone above and beyond to serve and care for those around them.

One of the noteworthy nominees we have received so far is Daniel Goderwis. Daniel is a young gentleman who has been noted for his invested personality and positive attitude for promoting change in the world around him. His nominator shared that Daniel fits the dictionary definition of gentleman, being courteous and honorable. It was also noted that Daniel is caring toward everyone in all settings including his church, community, classroom, and beyond. Daniel has taken his time to demonstrate compassion through volunteering efforts and tutoring. Daniel’s continuous efforts to promote positive change are a few ways he demonstrates being a gentleman.

Another considerable nominee was Zachariah Strand. Zachariah has been nominated for his service to the United States military and possessing strong leadership skills throughout his life. Another aspect of his nomination was due to his compassionate behavior to others, whether he knows them or not. Zachariah’s nominator shared that he lends a hand in several areas of his life including family and his local community. They also shared that he is always caring, respectful to all individuals, and demonstrates gentleman-like acts throughout his life.

A third outstanding nomination was Josephwise Adams. Josephwise is currently serving his community as a police officer while attending the United Educational Institution. He was nominated for his compassionate volunteering efforts within his community by helping those in need. Josephwise has also been said to take further steps to improve younger boys’ lives in his town of Atlanta, GA. Josephwise is always looking for ways to better himself as a gentleman and improve the lives of others around him.

Do you know a gentleman like Daniel, Zachariah, or Josephwise? Nominate them before Sunday, January 17, 2021 for the title of 2021 Gentleman of the Year and a chance to win a $500 scholarship.



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