Opportunity Feminism: How Conservative Policies Benefit Women

Apply to participate in this exclusive three-month Honors Course to learn how conservative policies benefit women and advocate for Opportunity Feminism, a new brand of feminism which seeks to maximize freedom for women to build the lives they want. By becoming more educated on conservative public policy proposals, you will leave prepared to confidently speak up for your views and provide an alternative to modern feminism. You will also have the chance to connect with top conservative women leaders and be mentored on Opportunity Feminism. This course will be led by NeW President Karin Lips. Confirmed guest speakers include Melanie Sturm (Founder at Engage to Win and a persuasive communications expert), Christina Sandefur (Executive Vice President at the Goldwater Institute), and Inez Stepman (senior policy analyst at Independent Women's Forum).

This course will be conducted via Zoom. Participants will be required to attend five of the six sessions and write a short blog post to receive a certificate of completion. Students will have the opportunity to write an op-ed for publication. This course is not offered for college credit.

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Fall 2021 sessions will be held on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-8:30pm and include discussions with women leaders in the conservative movement.

Session One (September 8, 2021): Are You a Feminist?
Session Two (September 22, 2021): Women and Federal Policy 
Session Three (October 6, 2021): Six Powers of Persuasion and Liberal Feminist Myths (Special Guest: Melanie Sturm) (90 minute course with a workshop)
Session Four (October 20, 2021): Women and State Policy (Special Guest: Christina Sandefur)
Session Five (November 3, 2021): Women and Federal Policy Pt. 2 (Special Guest: Inez Stepman)
Session Six (November 17, 2021): Shaping Your Career Opportunities

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