NeW Empowers Conservative Women to be Effective Communicators

On Friday April 14, the Network of enlightened Women hosted Chloe Anagnos, Director of Marketing and Communications for America’s Future, as a part of our 2023 Professional Development Week. In this webinar Chloe Anagnos shared advice to attendees on how to lead with effective communication. 

Chloe Anagnos shared life lessons she has learned from working on campaigns and with multiple think tanks and non-profits. From working on the Trump campaign in 2016 to media organizations such as the Daily Wire, Anagnos has learned that over communication is always better than not communicating enough. She also highlighted the importance of flagging any issues or road blocks as soon as possible.  

This is especially important if you are working remotely. Anagnos said that when she sees conflict in the workplace, it is often because of miscommunication. To avoid miscommunication, she provided practical tips for clear and effective communication. She advised the audience to know how your teammates prefer to communicate and to make sure to follow proper email etiquette. Simple things such as having a clear subject line, responding within an appropriate time window, and being clear and concise can help avoid miscommunication and conflict.  

Anagnos reminded the women that we are all human, and will all make mistakes. When you make a mistake, it is better to admit when you’ve messed up as soon as possible, even if it means hopping on a phone call to address the issue.  

“As a leader, never have your team do something you would not do yourself,” Anagnos shared. To be an effective leader, it is important to not think of yourself as above your team, but instead view yourself as leading them and working with them to achieve common goals.  

Many of the women who attended the session are current college students. Anagnos advised them to take advantage of every event and opportunity that they can. Whether that includes traveling, internships, or even events on campus, Anagnos advised to “just say yes and figure out the logistics later. Opportunity doesn’t knock twice!”  

Franchetta Groves is the NeW Communications Associate.



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