Intern Spotlight: Elaine Gunthorpe

(Photo by Richie Downs)

We have been so grateful to have Elaine Gunthorpe on our team this semester as our Spring 2024 Communications Intern. Elaine is a senior at Christendom College.

Q: How did you hear about NeW? 

When friends of mine brought the chapter to campus, I knew that I had to learn more and join immediately. I was curious as to what a NeW chapter was so I signed up and became a member. The following year I was a part of the club as the Treasurer and my senior year I became the president. NeW is an amazing opportunity to be surrounded by smart and strong women who are all aligned in their goals and ideas.  

Q: Why is NeW important? 

NeW serves as a safe environment to discuss important political issues and topics. It also allows conservative women to thrive and learn about both each other and the world as a whole.  

Q: What is the most important conservative issue in your opinion? 

I think that reforming the education system to serve the students rather than an agenda is the most important conservative issue currently. Education is the foundation of our society and should be treated as such. It is highly important that we educate the youth so that they can grow up to be leaders in our world.   

Q: If you could offer advice to college students, what would it be? 

As for college students, I would say as a senior to take every opportunity to learn and grow as a person. Further, to never be afraid to ask for help either from classmates or professors. For the next four years, this is your community so take advantage of it because it will benefit you in the long run.   

Q: Why were you interested in interning for NeW? 

I am interested in interning for NeW because I really enjoy being surrounded by an amazing group of like-minded women who strive for both greatness and authenticity.  

Q: What do you hope to gain from your internship? 

Through my internship, I hope to gain the professional skills necessary to learn more about the media world and to thrive in my future career. By interning at NeW, I know that I will have the opportunity to meet new people, improve my interpersonal skills, and also broaden my horizons.  



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