Grab Your #ShesConservative Shirt

#ShesConservative is here!

It’s officially September and that means it’s time to grab your “This Is What A Conservative Looks Like” shirt and join the #ShesConservtive movement. The #ShesConservative campaign is breaking down stereotypes about what young women believe today and what a conservative looks like.

Get one of our signature shirts and wear it proudly around campus or town. Grab a photo and share why you’re conservative with us using #ShesConservative.



Time Management Skills That Really Work

On Thursday, April 13, NeW hosted a panel conversation with our busy NeW alumnae, Brianna Howard and Sophie Czernicki, on the topic Time Management Strategies

Networking as an Introvert

As part of the NeW Professional Development Week, the Network of enlightened of Women hosted Patti Raush, Vice President of Member Programs at the National


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