Why ConSERVative Month? | Maggie Horzempa

As a conservative woman living in the United States of America and attending a top four-year university, I already feel unbelievably grateful for the opportunities I have had and the people I have met. Without community and family I would not have been able to experience the things I have and as I get older, my appreciation for these aspects of my life have grown immensely. This is why I will be participating in ConSERVative month and this is why I hope you will too!

What is ConSERVative month?

November is ConSERVative month where we promote for our NeW chapters and members to pick a philanthropy project and give back to their communities. Chapters can work with an existing philanthropy or charity in their community or branch out and explore something new!

What are some examples of philanthropies to give back to or community involvement that chapters can participate in?

Making cards for veterans, collecting money for a local animal shelter, or visiting a local children’s hospital are just a few ways to give back to your community. You can also plan a bake sale, a puppy kissing booth, or a benefit night at a local restaurant. Giving back to your community at any level is so important, so we encourage you to get creative and get involved!

What can chapters gain from participating in ConSERVative month?

Chapters can use their community involvement to gain new members! Setting up a table on campus or advertising to campus service clubs can be a great way to meet new people, to make new connections on campus, and introduce more women to NeW!

After reading, I hope that you and your chapter are excited for ConSERVative month! Join me and participate using #ConSERVative! Take this time to touch hearts, give back, and grow your chapter!



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