Chapter Leaders Motivated at Leadership Retreat to Get Involved by Stacy Hock

At the Network of enlightened Women 2022 Leadership Retreat, chapter leaders from across the nation heard from inspirational conservative speakers about topics varying from leadership within our communities to professional development. One of the speakers was Stacy Hock, a private investor, and former Texas GOP Victory 2020 Chairwoman, who spoke about becoming a generation of difference makers and how we can have an impact at the state, local, and campus levels of our communities. 

Hock left attendees with practical advice that will help them step up and get involved within their communities. She explained how there are currently more opportunities out there than people stepping up and saying “yes” to them. Young women can design and take charge of their lives by knowing their passions and responsibilities and then getting involved in their communities. The first step in this is just to step up to the challenge and say “yes.” 

Sweet spots that Hock recommended getting involved in are state House and Senate races. She explained how they can matter more than money because of how much of an impact they have on the lives of constituents. Getting involved in these races is also a great way to build up a network as the candidates and their staff will remember those who showed up for them and can help you in the future with any professional endeavors. 

Another great way to build up a professional network according to Hock is to connect with and volunteer for local conservative women’s groups. By working with these local organizations, young conservative leaders can work on building a bridge between party lines on issues such as criminal justice reform. 

Hearing from Hock about different ways students can get involved in their communities was motivating. It can often feel as though students in college are too young to get involved and have a great impact, but Hock emphasized how the world is their oyster. If they’re willing to step up and say “yes,” they will be able to achieve great things within their communities and become a generation of difference makers. 

Peyton Smith is currently a senior at Seton Hall University and the Digital Communications Associate for the Network of enlightened Women. 



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