Celebrating NeW’s Impact: Janey Olohan, Catholic University

This month, NeW is proud to celebrate 17 years of empowering conservative women across college campuses and in their careers. To celebrate, we are highlighting NeW members from across the country and their experiences as conservative women. Janey Olohan first joined NeW when she was a freshman at The Catholic University of America last year. Now that she has transferred to the University of Notre Dame as a sophomore this year, she is excited to get involved in the NeW chapter on campus that her sister, Theresa Olohan, started last year.

How did you first hear about NeW?
I first heard about NeW when I went to the club fair at Catholic University in the fall. I immediately wanted to be a part of it because of how it was described: a community of young conservative women all striving to learn from their community and share their beliefs, ultimately making an impact. After signing up, I was shocked by how many young women I met around campus who told me they also were excited to be a part of NeW!

How has NeW had an impact on your college experience?
NeW has already had a strong impact on my college experience, even with COVID. It was actually through NeW that I came to meet many of the upperclassmen at school and form friendships with many young women! NeW at Catholic University had several fun events, including a dinner out at Ted’s Bulletin in the city, cupcake gatherings, and more. It also gave me the opportunity to speak to young and successful conservative women already in the workforce. I think it was from NeW that I realized how there are so many women my age with similar beliefs. These women gave me a sense of community and advice for the future.

Why is NeW important?
NeW is so important, especially on college campuses, because of how it brings together so many young women. I think it helps many women learn that they are not alone in their beliefs, that they can make such a big difference and have fun at the same time! Another thing I love about NeW is that I was able to go to events where we were given advice on how to pursue our career goals and how to be strong women — advice that made me excited for the future! NeW truly empowers young women. I was so excited to attend the NeW Leadership Retreat in Tennessee last month and so grateful that NeW made it possible. NeW is important for these reasons and so many more. I think it is an incredible addition to any college campus!

Interested in joining the organization that gave Janey a strong sense of community? Learn more about how you can become involved with the nation’s premier organization for conservative women.


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