Celebrating NeW’s Impact: Chloe Sparwath, University of Virginia

NeW is proud to be celebrating 17 years of supporting conservative women. To celebrate, we are going to be highlighting NeW members across the country and how NeW has impacted their lives. Chloe Sparwath is a fourth-year at the University of Virginia studying foreign affairs. Sparwath joined the executive board of NeW at UVA after attending the NeW Leadership Retreat in 2019 and now serves as president of the chapter.

How did you first hear about NeW?
I heard about NeW when I was interning in Washington, DC. I found out about a NeW Professional Network dinner they were hosting and showed up. While there, I connected with the NeW staff, who shared about the NeW at UVA chapter and the upcoming NeW Leadership Retreat. I attended the retreat, where I connected with the other women from the UVA chapter, and have been involved ever since!

How has NeW had an impact on your college experience?
NeW has provided me with a plethora of priceless professional opportunities I would not be able to get anywhere else. NeW wants to help provide young women with all the resources needed to succeed on campus and in their careers.

Why is NeW important?
NeW is at the important intersection of conservatism and feminism. Oftentimes, the left tries to stake a claim on women as a minority group, but NeW is a powerhouse of women who think differently than the mainstream, third-wave feminist agenda. NeW is producing an army of intelligent, passionate, and hard-working women who think conservatively.

Interested in joining the organization that has helped Chloe build her network of conservative women? Contact us and learn more about how you can become involved with the nation’s premier organization for conservative women.



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