“Biden should pick the best person for the job — not the best woman” by Karin Lips

This piece was originally published by The Hill on August 3, 2020. Women achieve equality in life and in politics when they succeed based on merit, not because a man decides that a woman should have the job. Last week, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden announced his agenda for women, which includes a renewed commitment to select a […]

2020 Essay Contest Now Open

Would you like to earn a scholarship for college and have a chance to have your writing published? NeW is excited to announce the 2020 NeW Essay Contest is now open and accepting applications. This year’s scholarship contest celebrates the centennial anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, giving women the […]

How to Kill it at Work and Get the Job You Really Want

On December 3, women from across New York City gathered in Gramercy Park deep in the heart of Manhattan to glean kernels of wisdom from speaker Vanessa Mendoza, the executive vice president of the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. Mendoza spoke to the Network of enlightened Women’s New York City Professional Network chapter about an […]

National Conference Recap: Understanding Women’s Rights Around the World

Lisa Daftari on Women’s Rights Around the World For many Americans, basic women’s rights are taken for granted and are not fully appreciated when compared to the human rights violations around the world. At this year’s National Conference, Lisa Daftari, TV and Radio Host/Commentator, combatted this ignorance to demonstrate how women’s rights are being violated […]

The Importance of the 19th Amendment

On August 18, 1920, something remarkable occurred in American politics: the Constitution was amended for the nineteenth time, but this time women were given a voice in American politics. Throughout the history of the United States, the Constitution has been amended to deal with unanswered questions from the Founding Era. One of those questions included […]

Policy Debate: Careers, Babies, and What Policies Work Best for Women

Debating the option of running parental leave through Social Security NeW’s National Conference included a debate entitled Careers, Babies, and What Policies Work Best for Women featuring Carrie Lukas andRachel Greszler, moderated by Kelsey Harkness. The debate focused on the benefits and drawbacks of allowing mothers to access Social Security funds to pay for maternity […]

What College Students Say About Their Campuses When They’re Allowed To Be Honest

The gathering of college women’s single most important message was on the importance of free speech, including a defense of independent thought and respectful dialogue across political divides. By Melissa Langsam Braunstein – Originally posted on The Federalist As far back as 1965, George Harrison urged his listeners, “Think for yourself.” That was good, countercultural advice at the […]