High School Essay Contest Winner – Yara Elsayed

I am a religious and politically interested female in a small, widely liberal high school. I’ve been involved in countless instances when expressing my views had negative consequences. One memorable incident occurred during a classroom discussion on climate change. I had expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of specific environmental policies. Instead of experiencing a thoughtful […]

Make Summer 2024 Your Smart Girl Summer

If you’ve ever heard of the Eisenhower Matrix, which sorts tasks by urgency and importance, it’s clear that amidst the bustle of the fall and spring semesters, usually only urgent and important priorities are getting tackled. Summer break can be the perfect time to take on important but non-urgent tasks, which can impact our personal […]

Intern Spotlight: Jaycee Tyler

We have been so grateful to have Jaycee Tyler on our team this semester as our Spring 2024 Chapters Intern. Jaycee is a senior at Texas Tech University. Q: How did you hear about NeW? I was recruited by Adelyn Spikes during my sophomore year at Texas Tech. She reached out to me on Instagram […]

Intern Spotlight: Elaine Gunthorpe

We have been so grateful to have Elaine Gunthorpe on our team this semester as our Spring 2024 Communications Intern. Elaine is a senior at Christendom College. Q: How did you hear about NeW?  When friends of mine brought the chapter to campus, I knew that I had to learn more and join immediately. I […]

2023 Conservative Woman’s Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers can be tricky—you want to fill them up with a few small gifts, but you also don’t want to break the bank. NeW is here to help! Here are five stocking stuffers the conservative girl in your life will love, all under $25 that she’ll be overjoyed to receive!  NeW Student Membership – […]

2023 Conservative Woman’s Gift Guide: Friend

Finding a friend with whom you can share both brunch and conservative values is one of the best parts of college, but your annual Christmas gift exchange can be more stressful than fun if you’re not sure what to get your bestie. NeW is here to help, though! We have an array of gifts for […]

2023 Conservative Woman’s Gift Guide: Daughter or Granddaughter

Christmas is upon us! And with that comes the age-old question: What am I going to get for everyone? Perhaps the hardest person to buy for is your daughter or granddaughter, whose highly specific taste melds with ever-changing trends in a way that is almost impossible for parents and grandparents to decipher. “What do you […]

Patti’s Pearls of Wisdom – How Can I Turn my Senior Year Internship into a Job?

So, you’re about to take the leap from the cozy college bubble into the wild world of work, and you’ve snagged yourself an internship in your senior year? Bravo! The next step is to turn that trial run into a full-blown, paycheck-earning gig. Throughout my career, I’ve seen many interns successfully secure a job from […]