5 Spring Cleaning Tips for National Get Organized Day

Spring cleaning has become a popular concept in today’s culture, and for good reason. With the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer, now is the perfect time to tidy up your space to create more order in your life! Hear some of our top tips for a successful spring cleaning.  

1- Have a plan 

Spring cleaning can seem incredibly overwhelming at first. Having a plan can help break down this seemingly monumental task into manageable chunks. This plan can look different to you depending on your priorities and how you work best. Maybe you prefer to break up your cleaning by different rooms in the house, or by task. However you choose to break up and order your tasks, simply having a plan in place can help them become much more achievable.  

2- Start with the easiest task first 

No matter how you choose to organize your tasks, start with the easiest one on your list. Accomplishing this can help build momentum and help you stay motivated to fully complete your list. Each time you check off a task, you will feel pushed to continue succeeding, and starting with an easy task can help jumpstart this process. 

3- Make it fun 

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a boring task. Do whatever you think will keep you entertained to make the process easier! Whether it be putting on your favorite playlist, movie, or TV show, don’t be afraid to make the task fun. You can even invite friends over to have a cleaning party, as the more hands working, the better (Just be sure to return the favor)! 

4- Purge, Purge, Purge 

Throw anything you can away. Seriously! You can probably get rid of more than you think. Sort everything into piles to sell, donate, and simply throw away. This may be easiest to do one room at a time. Don’t try to tackle your closet and your home office at one time- you will get overwhelmed and may not finish the job at all. After getting rid of what you feel you can part with, reassess each item as you put it back into place. Do you truly need it? If the answer is no, find a way to get rid of it.  

5- Reorganize 

Take this opportunity to up your organization game! If you are already going through everything you own and assessing whether you still need it, also assess how and where you store it. Is it in the most convenient place for how you use it? Do you constantly have to move it to get to things you use more frequently? Take the time to move things around to keep your life organized!  

Prioritizing spring cleaning can provide you with the opportunity to get your mind in order and increase your productivity. When you live and work in an organized space you have more free time and energy to accomplish your goals. This spring, invest in yourself and set yourself up to achieve all your goals! 

This blog post was written by Spring 2023 Communications intern Kelsey Smith, chapter leader at Clemson University.  



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