2023 Gentlemen Showcase Winners Announced

Through The Gentlemen Showcase, NeW encourages the country to recognize and honor the gentlemen that give back and serve. This program promotes that there are men around us that serve their communities, respect women, and demonstrate kindness to all – admirable traits that deserve to be highlighted. NeW is proud to announce David Huston as the 2023 Gentleman of the Year. 

David Huston is a 3rd generation Marine veteran who is currently Engagement Director for Concerned Veterans for America in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. He was nominated by his fiancé Kayla Wade, who shared, “David embodies all of the qualities of a gentleman. He cares for others over caring for himself, he always treats women with respect, and he dedicates his life and work to helping veterans and veterans’ issues.” 

David has accomplished much in his career in the military, working on campaigns, and now advocating for veterans. He was awarded several medals while serving in the military honoring his service to our country. Recently he lobbied members of Congress to increase healthcare choices for veterans. Through his work, David gives a voice to veterans in his community that otherwise may not be heard.  

David shared why civility is an important value for a gentleman: “In today’s society, it is ever so important for a gentleman to have a sense of civility. Every day we interact with people who have different ideas, opinions and backgrounds than our own. As a gentleman, we must approach these interactions with mutual respect and understanding to have meaningful discourse. Without civility, society will deteriorate and put our democracy at risk to further polarization.”  

We are proud to also be honoring Colin Agostisi as our 2023 Honorable Mention. 

Colin Agostisi is a Senior at The Catholic University of America who hopes to serve as a Foreign Service Officer, operating as a representative of the U.S. and implementing American foreign policy objectives. He is actively involved in his campus community through organizing Halloween on Campus and Easter on Campus for kids in the local area, working with Student Government to provide funding for students to return home on holidays, interning, and as a member of the track team. This past Summer he volunteered in Honduras teaching the children there to speak English.  

Gabrielle Dankanich, a fellow senior who nominated Colin shared, “Colin Agostisi is the most genuine and kind man I know. Always stepping up for his friends, family, and even strangers, Colin has proven time and time again that kindness is more than possible to maintain no matter what is happening in someone’s personal life.”


Colin shared why he believes The Gentlemen Showcase is important in today’s culture, “The Gentlemen Showcase is an extraordinary program that reminds people that there is still a place for traditional virtues that we should all value together. Putting these values on a pedestal and rewarding those that represent these virtues inspires other members of society to emulate the same principles and in turn, directs us towards a more civil and considerate society.” 






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