2022 Gentlemen Showcase Spotlights

This year, the 12th Annual Gentlemen Showcase is pleased to recognize several men that reflect the qualities of service, respect, and kindness. Since The Gentlemen Showcase opened on January 17, 2022, nominations of chivalrous gentlemen have been rolling in. We’d like to spotlight a couple of nominees that demonstrate exemplary acts of service and respect towards others. 

Thomas Clippr McCloskey goes above and beyond to serve and care for those around him. Clippr, a senior at the Air Force Academy, is a selfless, humble, and God-fearing young man whose goal in life is to serve God, his family, and his country. There is nothing he won’t do to protect the people he loves most, and he consistently goes out of his way to do good for others. Clippr even exhibits his commitment to service through random acts of kindness like going out of his way to help an elderly veteran down a set of stairs to his car. This is just one example of Clippr’s good heart and his love for people. Clippr never does anything for the recognition or praise, he does it because he strives to treat others the way Jesus did. 

Regan Bollweg is a gentleman that is a prime example of what it means to mind your manners, respect himself and others, keep his word, display chivalry, and dress well. While some may say his unique sense of style is his claim to fame, it is his respect for his mother and father, grandparents, friends, and girlfriend that sets him apart from other men. When there is help that needs to be done on the farm, he is immediately there, but he also knows when it’s time to help his grandmother and mother around the house. He stands true to his conservative values and fights for what he believes in. Whether it’s his life choices or his habits, Regan is committed to respecting others. 

Do you know a gentleman like Regan or Clippr? Nominate him for the title of 2022 “Gentleman of the Year” and the chance to win a $500 scholarship. Find out more about The Gentlemen Showcase today. 



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