2018 National Conference Awards

Today, I feel very privileged to be announcing the NeW 2018 National Conference Awards. These awards will be presented to NeW students, chapters, alumnae, and/or members in recognition of their dedication to advancing conservative principles on campus and in their community.

Tomorrow we will start to announce the nominees for each of these awards, and through interviews, you will get a closer look at some of the incredible young women in our network. It is an honor to be nominated.

The winners will be announced at NeW’s National Conference, June 21-23, in Washington, DC. Register by June 1 to attend.

Chapter Awards:

  1. Chapter of the Year – This chapter set the bar high. They have hosted successful campus events, regular meetings, and participated in all of NeW National’s programming and campaigns.
  2. Event of the Year – The recipient of this award planned a successful program that had a significant impact on their campus.  In keeping with its name, this award recognizes remarkable attendance and excitement for a new or annual program held during the year.
  3. The Legacy Chapter Award – This award is given annually to a NeW chapter that has achieved success this year AND has been a recognized chapter of NeW for more than three years. The chapter honored with this award is well-known and respected by students, staff, and the outside community.  This chapter has created a legacy through contributions to their campus community.
  4. New Organization of the Year Award – This award recognizes a chapter that has been formed within the past academic year.  The recipient of this award demonstrates growth and progress toward achieving their mission through membership and programming.
  5. Outstanding Social Media Award – Social media is the greatest method of reaching out to students in our generation. This chapter’s social media is constantly up to date, promotes the successes of the members, and also spreads conservative beliefs online.

Individual Awards:

  1. Activist of the Year –  Taking a stand on campus for conservative beliefs is no small feat. This student has put service at the forefront of her time with NeW.
  2. Enlightened Woman of the Year –  The recipient of this award is a student who embodies an enlightened woman in every way. She speaks out about her conservative beliefs and acts as an example on her campus and in her community.
  3. Rising Star Award – The recipient of this award is a NeW member who, in the last year, has joined NeW and become an example on her campus and in her community.
  4. Writer of the Year – The recipient of this award is a current student who has shared her conservative beliefs through writing this past year and has shown consistency and growth in her work.

Check back for all of our nominees. #NeWNC18



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