YWLR Spotlight: Meet Tarin Martinez and Alexis Bailey

The fourth annual Young Women’s Leadership Retreat is July 26-29 at Bryn Mawr College in Philadelphia, PA. During the Retreat, attendees will discuss a number of topics including American feminism, campus culture, and leadership, so that they may step onto their college campus this fall better prepared for the cultural and political climate they will find there.

Meet two of our attendees: Tarin Martinez and Alexis Bailey!

Freshman Attendee: Tarin Martinez

Tarin is from a small town in the mountains of Southern California called Lake Arrowhead. This fall, she will be attending Bryn Mawr College. Currently, she plans to major in Sociology but is also interested in Economics and Political Science.

I am pretty excited to be around and learn from intelligent, empowered women.

Someday, she wants to be a District Attorney and would love to become a prosecutor.

She is excited to diversify and balance her perspectives and opinions at this year’s Young Women’s Leadership Retreat. She is also pretty excited to be around and learn from intelligent, empowered women.

Tarin favorite movie is Lady Bird – because it’s very relatable – and her favorite book is Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger. If she could live anywhere, she would want to live in Greece. The history there is incredible, and the geography and features are to die for.

Upperclassman Attendee: Alexis Bailey

Alexis Bailey is from Bayonne, New Jersey and attends Rider University. She is majoring in Political Science and minoring in Public Relations with hopes to be a lobbyist and influence public policy on the state or national level. She also dreams of running for office one day.

It’s going to be a great opportunity for me to grow and learn more about myself.

When thinking about the upcoming Young Women’s Leadership Retreat, she’s excited to learn as many tips and tricks as possible. She is also looking forward to learning about different topics alongside other motivated, conservative young women. She mentioned that she thinks it’s going to be a great opportunity to grow and learn more about herself.

Alexis’ favorite movie is Gone Girl and her favorite book is Paper Towns by John Green. If she could live anywhere, she would ultimately want to live in New Jersey because she’s a true Jersey girl at heart. She would like to spend some time in D.C. while she’s young or move to a southern state for a little while.

Meet other great women at this year’s Young Women’s Leadership Retreat! There is still time to apply!







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