YWLR Spotlight: Meet Allie Hoover

We are looking forward to our Young Women’s Leadership Retreat! Meet Allie Hoover, who will be attending the Retreat in July. Allie is from Pittsfield, Illinois and attends the College of Charleston. She is a double major in public health and international studies. On campus, she is also the Vice President of the College of Charleston Public Health Society and MedLife Chapter.

Why were you first interested in NeW’s Young Women’s Leadership Retreat? 

I was first interested in NeW’s Young Women’s Leadership Retreat because I want to develop my knowledge and confidence as a young conservative woman. I attend an overwhelmingly liberal institution where I have to stand up for conservative values daily and I would like to be more equipped to handle these situations going into my last two years of undergrad.

What do you hope to gain from attending NeW’s YWLR?  

First, I would like to gain strong, meaningful friendships with other conservative women. Second, I would like to expand my knowledge on how to combat leftist culture on college campuses in order to receive a quality education. Lastly, I hope that I can walk away with a clearer understanding on how to pitch conservative ideas to people who don’t believe the same thing.

What are you most excited about in the YWLR line-up?

I am most excited for the panels about feminism. We are living in a culture where feminism has started to be interpreted in many different ways. It is important that there are distinctions made about that is and isn’t feminism.

What are you most looking forward to in college next year?

I’m looking forward to diving into all of my major classes, my global health internship, and taking advantage of different opportunities as they present themselves.



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