Young Women’s Leadership Retreat Approaching

As a rising senior, I am looking forward to gaining professional skills from the Young Women’s Leadership Retreat. After I graduate this coming May, I will be entering the working world. Of course, the life of a professional is very different from that of an undergraduate student. I have a lot to learn! That is why the upcoming Leadership Retreat will be beneficial for me. The speakers, panels, and workshops will all prepare me to enter the professional realm with confidence and ambition.

This retreat will help me improve the professional skills that I already have, and develop new professional skills as well. From public speaking, to interviewing and networking skills, to career discernment, I believe the retreat will help me in these areas.

I am excited to travel and explore Bryn Mawr. Most of all, I am looking forward to meeting other young women from around the nation, and to hear about their aspirations to transform their campuses and the world.



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