Women’s Organization Honors Gentlemen Across the Country

CONTACT: Kathryn Alford, Communications Manager
January 28, 2021


WASHINGTON, DC — Countering the narrative that all men are in need of reform, the 11th Annual Gentlemen Showcase hosted by the Network of enlightened Women, known as NeW, celebrated gentlemen across the country.

Through The Gentlemen Showcase, NeW encouraged the country to recognize and honor the gentlemen that give back and serve. This program promotes that there are men around us that serve their communities, respect women, and demonstrate kindness to all – admirable traits that deserve to be highlighted.

Reese Dickerhoff, a Political Science and History major at the College of Charleston, Class of 2023, has been named the 2021 Gentleman of the Year. Dickerhoff was nominated by his friend, Jordan Mercer, for the respect and kindness he shows to everyone around him on campus and in their community. She shared in her nomination that Dickerhoff, “is not kind and polite because he is expected to be or to impress people…[his] kind actions are second-nature to him because he genuinely wants to help people, make people happy, and make the world a better place. He is one of the most selfless people I have ever met and he has inspired others to follow suit.” 

Dickerhoff shared about what it means to be a gentleman today, “This is the nature of a gentleman, someone who stands for something but has enough respect and decency as to not get in the mud with his opposition. As we blaze a new path for men in this modern era, we must not forget what we admire in the great men of the past: a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong, a willingness to stand for what he believes in, and an unabiding need to cherish and respect their fellow man.”

Ryan Krawczyk, an Environmental and Environmental Health Engineering major at Stevens Institute of Technology, Class of 2025, was chosen as the 2021 Gentlemen Showcase Honorable Mention. He was nominated by his friend, Payton Davis, for how he supports his friends as they pursue their dreams and his dedication to caring for the environment. She shared in her nomination, “Ever since he was younger, he always had a passion for cleaning the environment around him. For fun over the summer, there were countless times that Krawczyk would go around his neighborhood collecting trash just because he wanted to. He even planned outings with his friends where they would go kayaking along the river and pick up trash for hours upon hours in the Florida heat.”

Krawczyk shared about what it means to be a gentleman today, “being a gentleman means that I have a duty to have an open and honest interpretation of the world. Treating others with kindness and respect…being a gentleman truly revolves around putting others first in every scenario and going out of your way to make the world a more genuine and better place.”

During this year’s Gentlemen Showcase, more than 140 young men were nominated from schools across the country, including Arizona State, Brigham Young University, Kansas State University, Pennsylvania State University, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, The Ohio State University, University of Florida, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, University of Southern California, University of Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia University.

For any media interested in interviewing either gentleman, please contact Kathryn Alford, Communications Manager for the Network of enlightened Women, at kathryn@enlightenedwomen.org or 571-310-5388.


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