Women’s Group Calls for Intellectual Diversity in Women’s March

CONTACT: Kathryn Hopper, Communications Manager
January 18, 2019


WASHINGTON, DC — On Saturday, women around the country will be joining together to march under the guise of empowering women. The Network of enlightened Women, known as NeW, supports the gathering of strong women who speak out for what they believe and calls for a women’s empowerment movement that includes conservative women too.

Women are independent thinkers who can think for themselves. They do not need others to tell them what to believe or what policies to support.

“The Women’s March has become a platform for a progressive political agenda and ultimately excludes groups of women who do not subscribe to those views. They claim to march for all women, when in reality they only support a litmus test of liberal issue positions,” Karin Lips, President and Founder of NeW said. “Women should not be forced into one view or another. NeW supports the empowerment of women, including conservatives, libertarians, and other independent-minded women.”

NeW supports intellectual diversity at universities through campus-based chapters. As highlighted in a book recently published by NeW, She’s Conservative: Stories of Trials and Triumphs on America’s College Campuses, conservative women exist on campuses across the country and they are speaking out. The women showcased in the book overcame stereotypes and bias to become stronger, wiser, and more courageous. 22 women from the following schools are featured in the book, American University, College of Charleston, Cornell University, Emmanuel College, Florida Gulf Coast University, Georgetown University, Harvard College, Liberty University, Presbyterian College, Princeton University, The Catholic University of America, The George Washington University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, University of Florida, University of Virginia, Western Carolina University, and Western Michigan University. These women should be included in a national women’s movement.

“We often go unseen because we do not wave vulgar signs and scream at passersby. We respect the beliefs of others while advocating on behalf of our own.” – Grace Bannister, Harvard College Class of 2021

The Network of enlightened Women is the nation’s premier organization for conservative university women. Started as a book club in 2004 at the University of Virginia, NeW has expanded to campuses across the nation, teaching conservative principles, creating open forums for debate, and training young women to speak out on campus and in their communities. In addition, NeW hosts the National Conference, The Gentlemen Showcase, and professional development trainings.




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